My friends call me Kay,

And you can, too.

The day I picked up my SLR 35mm 1990's Canon it become an extension of myself. I adore how analog cameras capture the light in which our world bathes, as well as the whole process of producing images, from selecting my film stock for the context, to carefully hunting for the shot due to working within the bounds of how many frames are left on the roll . Doubtless an artist, I have played around with different mediums, but film photography is by far the most gratifying and honest way for me to express how I see life. Minutes into my first real session with a client, it was as if a new door had opened up, leading me to increased creativity and fulfillment. And the joy of sharing these photographs, which my client and I created together, solidified my passion for this type of work.

the more candid, the better.

i work best when we hang out & you're doing what you do best, & i happen to be holding my camera. I could take your photo in a garden, but I'd really love to take your photo as you tend your garden. Instead of staging a tea party, let's have a tea party!

my style reflects my personality

I am intuitive. I follow my gut and I encourage other's to follow their's, too. People amaze me, I'm curious about what makes them unique. I seek balance. I look for color. Music plays a big role in my process. I like to be outside. Animals are magnetic. I follow the sun. I find beauty in simplicity. Laughter and fun makes hard things easier. I share ideas, but I desire collaboration. I care how people feel and welcome the full spectrum of emotions. I pull out people's natural self while wearing my own heart on my sleeve. I will always opt for the more honest, authentic choice.

the perfect client & collaborator for candidly film photography...

loves s l o w i n g down the process,loves surprises! wants to go with the flow, appreciates all things analog,doesn't mind experimenting, believes less is m o r e, prefers deliberate, artful composition over relying on editing in post, trusts the artist's intuition,sees something unique in the quality of film images, & feels nostalgic for days gone by, flipping through family albums of analog photos, and wants to keep the tradition going.

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